Helios Saga - The Clutter Edition

Game – Helios Saga

Course: Spring 2013 – CGT 490: Video Game Development and Design

Role: Lead programmer in group of 5


The Helios Saga is at its core, a 2D top down shooter that allows the player the opportunity to customize their ship in order to face specific obstacles according to their preferred play style.

The object of the game is for the player to destroy three separate power generators located within the atmosphere of the sun while their shield is up. However, shield drains energy that can only be recharged while the player is outside of the sun.

The special The Clutter Edition was created in the collaboration with music band, The Clutter, who let us use their music as our in-game background music. The Clutter Edition features their Clutter Jet design as player’s ship.


Helios Saga - The Clutter Edition


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