Game – Unity 3D Platform Game

Course: Spring 2013 – CGT 490: Video Game Development and Design

Role: Individual Project


In this individual lab assignment, we were required to use Unity 3D engine to build a 2D platform game involving controlling sprite sheet, walking motion, jumping motion, collecting keys and opening the door if all key has been collected. Some extra add-on functions to this lab: multiple keys, particle effects, teleportation, moving platforms, parallax background and player death.

This game will be constantly updated as the project is still in development.




Unity Web Player


Background music composed by: Eric Skiff
City image:
Cloud images:
Sky image:

2013.1.22 Ex02 v2

  • Replaced parallax cloud background with 2 layers of sprite sheet animation
  • Replaced city background to a fancier one
  • 1.5x faster than it was to achieve a more challenging game-play experience

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