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Game – Incomplete

Course: Fall 2013 – Building Virtual World

Role: Programmer in team of 5 (2 programmers, 2 artist, 1 sound designer)

Incomplete is a three-week project of story telling round in Building Virtual World course of Carnegie Mellon University Entertainment Technology Center. Our team used Oculus Rift (Head mounted virtual reality display which tracks user’s head rotation) , Webcam, PlayStation Move (Motion controller that tracks position, rotation and acceleration) and NyArtoolkit (Augmented reality library for tracking markers within camera feed) to create a augmented reality experience of a virtual character of a black and white world coming to real life and collect colors from real-world audience.


Programmers: Ojas Dileep Sawant / Dave Tianwei Liu
Artists: Taku Nishino / Hannah Turner
Sound Designer / Producer: Jimin Song

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