Web – Shipping/Billing Management System

Course: Spring 2012 – CGT 356: Web Programming, Development and Data Integration

Role: Individual Project

Demo: Shipping/Billing Management System (Login: admin, Password: php)


In this project, we were required to build a shipping/billing management system for customers to login and create/edit/delete their shipping and billing information using PHP and MySQL knowledge we acquired from CGT 356. Ajax and jQuery were implemented as an experiment to handle PHP to MySQL calls which was beyond the project requirement.


CGT 356 Project 1

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  1. hi there it took me alot of research to find a similar project to mine, i am pursuing Bsc. Inforrmation Technology and i will be glad if you can help me with my project. i know it sounds awkward but i wil be glad if you do. Am studying n Ghana

    • Hi there,

      I’m very happy that you like my project and I’m glad to help if I can. Please feel free to ask me any question.


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